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Hi, we are TIPTOP Academy!

An e-learning platform that offers the most effective way to learn English naturally. Kids can learn English language along with other academic contents including Science, Social Science, and Math.

Based in Greater Vancouver, B.C., Canada, TIPTOP Academy is one of a few e-learning platforms that enable children around the world to learn English while exploring the K-12 North American education system from the comfort of home. 

English by Academic Subjects
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FUTURE of english language learning

The global trend in Bilingual Education

TIPTOP’s curriculum promotes Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) that allow kids to learn English while studying another academic subject at the same time. Our well-designed learning pathway enables students to not only learn English but also expand their subject-area knowledge. More importantly, our lessons closely follow the American and Canadian K-12 Curricula. This enables kids to come to understand the history, culture, and lifestyle in North America.


How TIPTOP is different

Bring K-12 Education Curriculum from America and Canada to your home

1-on-1 or small group live classes led by academically qualified educators

500+ engaging lessons meticulously designed by a team of education experts.

Kids use English for learning in Math, Science, Social Studies while using these subjects as resources for English learning

Expand and strengthen their terminologies used in Science, Math, and Social Studies.

Introduce kids to history, culture and lifestyle in America and Canada



TIPTOP Academy’s mission is to enable kids around the globe to experience the North American Education from the comfort of home.  To achieve that, TIPTOP needs:
  1. To spark children’s interest and passion in English language learning
  2. To build a collaborative e-learning environment where children can use English for learning in other subjects and use other subjects as resources for English language learning
  3. To help them achieve higher academic results and build up their confidence.


To become one of the most recognized distance education platforms in offering English Language and Content Integrated Learning to children of all ages.
To create an environment where kids enjoy learning, and nurture their innovate and creative mind.

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    English by Academic Subjects