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A gateway of knowledge has been opened by the development of the internet. The process of learning how to speak English and other languages is a part of that evolution. There is no longer a barrier of distance, so English learning platforms are available to anyone who needs to learn the language. English is without a doubt the universal language of business and the need to learn English as a second language has exploded with the development of the global economy. As a result the number of English Teaching institutions has increased three fold since early in the 21st century, and continues to expand as we speak.

The emergence of online and interactive software English learning platforms has led to a discussion of whether these programs are effective, in comparison with traditional classroom learning. Empirical results suggest that online and interactive learning platforms engender student confidence and results in faster learning, with a greater command of fluency than in the traditional setting. According to some experts, learning within a person’s comfort zone (home) decreases the anxiety resultant of the learning process itself, as a result the learning period is truncated and fluency is more attained with greater expediency.

Additional Reasons For The Success of Online Learning:

Current online interactive courses offer flexible learning including conversational speaking, grammar, reading and comprehension. Each of these components are essential to effective learning. The method is effective because each lesson is created to specifically cater to the individual student needs, and be completed at their own pace. The interactive method is not a mirror image of what is taught in the traditional setting, and therefore serves as an enhancement or even a replacement for learning a language in the traditional classroom setting.

Because the lessons are tailored to the individual needs of its students, online English courses enable the student to focus on areas of weakness, whether that is reading, speaking or comprehension. You can focus on the areas you need the most work on, thereby enhancing your linguistic abilities as a whole. The single student approach to online learning focuses the lesson syllabus to concentrate on the abilities of the individual student.


In addition to the availability of flexibility and convenience afforded by learning English online, the process is very affordable as well. It eliminates the necessity to travel, online courses are far less expensive than traditional courses, and you will not have to spend your time resources away from work to learn English online. Furthermore your ascent to fluency can be accomplished in accordance to your own scheduling demands.

There is no doubt that learning English in a traditional classroom setting is effective. However the convenience of software and web based training is leading to more people choosing this alternative.

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