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Common questions asked by our parents

We offer 4 major subjects: English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math at the moment. More courses including Advanced Placement and STEAM and University Prep Courses are coming soon. Please check with us for regular updates.

Our Science, Social Studies and Math classes closely follow the U.S. and Canada K-12 Curricula and are taught in English. The main purpose here is to get children to use English for learning these subjects while at the same time using them as resources to learn English. Each subject has different vocabularies, terminologies, and ways of using language so English is not learned in isolation.

We closely follow the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach. Many teachers see this approach as a more natural way to learn English. This method is highly effective because it allows students to learn English and a subject at the same time. It increases students’ exposure to the language and stimulates deeper assimilation. Thus, their English language acquisition is much faster than other traditional methods.

It’s never too early to learn English. In fact, it is better for children to learn a new language at an early age. We have Pre-Kindergarten courses designed for 4 years old. It’s super fun and entertaining. 

Yes, absolutely. We will have an initial assessment to determine your child’s language skills. He/she can take English Foundation courses if necessary. 

Yes, we have different assessment methods such as verbal, written assessment, assignments, and many engaging activities. Parents can see their kids’ evaluations on our portal. 

We closely follow the American and Canadian K-12 Curricula. Our team of education experts and scholars has done in-depth research on curriculum development to design engaging lessons for kids. 


Our courses are designed for children ages 4 to 15. More upper-level courses for older students such as Advanced Placement and University Prep courses are coming soon. 


We have 6 intakes throughout the year. For small group classes, intakes will be in January, March, May, July, September, and November each year. For 1-on-1, classes can start anytime at your convenience. 

Each course will last for 15 weeks.

Most of our courses run once a week. Some courses for upper elementary and secondary levels are offered twice per week. We recommend our students to take 2 courses at the same time.

We are currently accepting Credit Card and PayPal on our site.

You can use a laptop, tablet, or phone with a stable internet connection to take classes though we highly recommend using a laptop or tablet while taking the class.

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