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    English by Academic Subjects


    TIPTOP Academy is one of the pioneer e-learning platforms that enable kids to learn English along with other academic subjects


    Bring the North American education system to your home

    Kids from non-English speaking countries get to experience the American and Canadian learning environments from the comfort of home. They learn English and other academic subjects just like how American and Canadian kids learn in the K-12 school system. They can study English in a more natural way while coming to understand the history, culture, and lifestyle in North America.


    Promote English language and content integrated learning

    Students use English for learning in Math, Science, Social Studies while using academic subjects as resources for English learning. The Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) method is more effective because increases students’ exposure to the language and stimulates deeper assimilation. English language acquisition is much faster than traditional methods.


    Support the global trend in bilingual education

    Students master their English language skills while at the same time expanding the terminologies and relevant subject-area knowledge. English is not learned in isolation. Students come to develop their own ability to add a new language while not losing ground in their native ones.


    The curriculum is meticulously designed by education experts

    Our 500+ lessons closely follow the American and Canadian K-12 Curricula. The education expert team has performed extensive research on curriculum development to design engaging lessons for students.


    Live classes instructed by academically qualified educators

    Small group or one-on-one classes allow students to be the center of the learning process. Students get real conversations, live instructions, and immediate feedback from their teachers/tutors. This allows us to personalize each student's learning process.


    Have fun while learning

    Music, fun activities, and game-embedded teaching support a collaborative learning environment to encourage and motivate students. They have tons of fun while gaining new language and subject-area knowledge.